PUREDISTANCE 1 Luxury ‘Crystal & Steel’ + 2x 17.5ml


‘Crystal & Steel’  + 2x 17.5ml

A timelessly beautiful accessory to the 17.5ml Perfume Spray is the Puredistance Crystal Column, designed to perfectly hold the Perfume Spray. This jewel is exclusively produced for Puredistance by the prestigious Swarovski company. It’s made of the purest crystal, accented with high grade polished steel.

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puredistance 1 Luxury ‘Crystal & Steel’ + 2x 17.5ml

The column is handmade and only obtainable in limited numbers in crystal. A serial number is engraved in the cap and on the bottom of the column, making each piece unique. In combination with a Puredistance 17.5ml Perfume spray this is the ultimate gift for a memorable occasion.

This Crystal Column without box.



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