Clive Christian Vision In A Dream samples


Addictive Art –  Vision In A Dream samples pair

1- Psychedelic  : Oriental, Chypre     1.5 ml

2-   Mesmeric   : Green, Oriental        1.5 ml

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Addictive Art –  Vision In A Dream sampels pair

1- Psychedelic 

Perfume spray

Kaffir lime leaf, armoise, almond, galbanum, apple skin and violet leaf

Papyrus, labdanum, olibanum, suede, cinnamon, pepper and clove

Sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and cedar

2- Mesmeric   

Almond, armoise, green galbanum, apple, kaffir lime and violet leaf

Jasmine, narcissus, neroli, heliotrope, orris

Vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli and pepper


Clive Christian Addictive Arts

Three scent sets with the center desire to disturb the business with its never been done ‘mind improving’ idea and protected world first aroma creativity innovation; Addictive Fusion.

Restrictive to Clive Christian, this special type of perfumery joins headspace innovation which catches the tricky aromas of state of mind and psyche upgrading opiates, including Coco Leaf (cocaine) and Opium Poppy


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