A Globe de Mariée, vintage French Wedding Gift


A Globe de Mariée by ANNICK GOUTAL

vintage French Wedding Gift !

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French Globe de Mariée by Goutal paris 

Vintage  tells the story of the Couple’s Wedding and Life together.
The bird symbolises love.
The leaves symbolise the longevity of the Marriage.
Ivy symbolises commitment to each other.
The large mirror represents truth.
Made of gold metal the frame shows a bird holding a wreath above 2 rectangular mirrors.
There are leaves and flowers leading to a beautiful red cushion buttoned with little gold
The velvet is lovely and bright with a little wear in places.

This usually sits on the cushion with the PERFUME Bottle ( factice, you can add your own perfume)
There is a band of gold metal around the cushion with tassels.
There is a diamond shape mirror either side of the cushion.
With more leaves and a large rectangular mirror leading to the black painted wooden oval base.
The glass  glamourise dome above it
There is a little treated woodworm.
Standing on wood !!
This is a beautiful piece for display, collection or as a gift.
Height 54 cm
Width 32 cm



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