Is the first woman-owned niche perfume house from Argentina. Each fragrance is an invitation to embark on an olfactive journey through South America and parts of the world, to uplift the senses and create harmony through scent. Designed between Buenos Aires and New York, produced in small batches and in collaboration with some of the most talented noses, each new creation has a timely purpose in the collection and is approached slowly yet passionately.

I began my journey by chance in 2005 when I entered Quest, later Givaudan, a fragrance house where I had the pleasure of collaborating with extremely talented and knowledgeable professionals, developing olfactive directions for major international brands. FRASSAÏ was born upon my return to Buenos Aires in 2013 with perfume pendants made in noble metals. Dance, flowers, painting, music and travel are some of the elements that have driven me to share my passion with others, to create experiences through objects such as jewelry and scents. My desire is to create new sensorial experiences and share the beauty of Argentina, its people, artists and landscapes. FRASSAÏ is an invitation to discover one’s own unique journey, to live deeply and spark intuition, to awaken the skin to a new awareness, connecting inner and outer worlds.